Fall 2018 Works-in-Progress Event

Join us for the Fall MidSouth WPA Works-in-Progress Event in Fall ’18!

This event is a chance for us to share and receive feedback on our myriad works in progress–conference papers, articles, chapters, etc–in a caring, supportive, and low-stakes environment.

We are planning two sessions: a morning session from 10-12, in which presenters from last year’s event share their progress; and an afternoon session from 1-3, during which new presenters can workshop their material.

We are also planning refreshments and dinner. For those of you who wish to stick around until Saturday, we are planning some extracurricular activities as well.

Please watch this space and the WPA Midsouth website (www.mswpa.org) for additional details.

All best,
Luke Niiler, President, WPA-Midsouth

Date, Time, and Location

The event will be held Friday, September 28, at the Noel Studio at Eastern Kentucky University.

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